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Additional Resource - Colorful Pages

Dear Families of Trinity Lutheran Preschool,  
Please visit the Colorful Pages website to read their homepage and click on the Book Lists.  You will find many options for all age groups for diverse and multicultural literature.  Reading books together invites the opportunity to cultivate the conversations with our children that are so important to have. We also know that children learn from the experiences they have as well as the conversations that take place.  As we strive to create the best educational experience we can for the students we teach, we know that it is our responsibility to provide an inclusive and safe environment for your children.  One where each and every child feels seen, celebrated, and respected.  We partner with you, parents and guardians, to teach our children and help them grow in our community knowing that people of color should be treated with dignity. 

Colorful Pages is an education website that supports educators, families, and librarians with multicultu…

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