Week 2 * Day 2 * It's Spring!

Image result for flowers in rainTuesday: Flowers (part 2)

“April showers bring May flowers,

That is what they say.
But if all the showers turned to flowers,    
We’d have quite a colorful day!”
~ Thomas Tusser, 1557 ~

Flowers can grow straight out of the ground on stems, or even on shrubs and trees. Oh, how many flowers there can be! Come along and count the flowers with me...

Let’s dive into some math today with the following fun activities your child is sure to enjoy.

Petal counting  

Flower number mats (also can be homemade!)

Roll and add flower petal math sheets

*If you don’t have any play dough to use for this activity you can make your own from yesterday’s recipe or find some flower petals (real or artificial) to use instead.

Play around with color recognition and count along to this Five Little Flowers Poem:

Five Little Flowers

Five little flowers growing in a row,
The first one said, “I’m purple you know!”
The second one said, “I’m pink as pink can be.”
The third one said, “I’m blue like the sea.”
The fourth one said, “I’m a very red fellow.”
And the fifth one said, “My color is yellow.”
Then out came the sun, big and bright.
And five little flowers smiled in delight.

Another sweet song coming your way with Grow A Plant, sung to the tune of Row Your Boat!

Grow, grow, grow a plant

Starting with the seed
Give it soil, sun, and water

That is all you need!

Fork painting can provide beautifully colorful flowers:

And for a colorful story for your day, we love Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert
Image result for planting a rainbow


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