Week 2 * Day 4 * It's Spring!

Thursday: Rain (part 1)

We love talking about rain with our students at Trinity Lutheran Preschool.  After all it is the weather we are all quite familiar with here.  From introducing new vocabulary like *bumbershoots to sitting under a large umbrella together in circle time while listening to rain sounds - we have so much fun with this theme.

If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops Oh what a Purim that would be...

Listening to rain fall can be extremely relaxing for grown ups and children alike.  You can listen to any sample of rain sounds by streaming on your device or you can have your child make their own rain by creating a rain stick together.  You can use the instructions from the link or you can get creative with whatever supplies you have on hand.

 easiest cardboard rainmakers ever- great preschool craft!
Get some counting in by putting numbers on cloud shapes that your child can then add the correct number of rain drops to underneath like so:

Similarly, your child can practice some name recognition by writing their name on a cloud shape and having them add the correct letters in rain drops below:

We can't wait to share more with you again tomorrow!  We will leave you for now with a youtube video of one of our favorite songs, If All The Raindrops!


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