Week 2 * Day 5 * It's Spring!

Friday: Rain (part 2)

For some Friday fun we have a few awesome large motor activities to share with you today!

First up is a Puddle Jump!
Lay out paper cut to look like puddles or simply use safe items such as blankets, washcloths, etc. and let your child jump from puddle to puddle.

Check out this 30 second video of puddle jumping!

A fun book to go along with this is Raindrop, Plop! By Wendy Cheyette Lewison
Image result for Raindrop, plop!  Rain!: Ashman, Linda, Robinson, Christian: 9780547733951: Amazon ...
or Rain! By Linda Ashman https://youtu.be/1hCh5lR9jTg

Next up is an Umbrella Bean Bag Toss! Place an open umbrella upside down and have your child try and throw bean bags into it from a distance.  (Helpful hint: If you do not have bean bags at home, try using rolled pairs of socks to toss in instead!)

Follow along if you'd like with this Rain Cloud In a Jar experiment for some at home science time:
This rain cloud in a jar science experiment for young kids is a great way to explore weather.

Lastly, if you have the time with your little one, they can practice their shape recognition with the following activity:


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