Week 3 * Day 4* Easter

Thursday: Rabbits

Let's hop around and get some of our mid-week wiggles out!  

Here are some facts about Rabbits to share with your child:

    Couleur Senior | Attention au lapin ... - Couleur Senior
  • Rabbits are fast-moving! They get exercise hopping around.
  • They have two large ears that help them hear very well.
  • Rabbits have soft fur. Angora rabbits have long fur.
  • A rabbit's teeth can grow long and chewing on things wears down their teeth.
  • Some rabbits live on farms and others live in the wild.

Your child can practice their rabbit hops and math skills at the same time by counting how many hops it takes to get from one area of your home to another (ex: how many hops does it take to get from the closet to the doorway?). An add-on learning option here is to help your child create a data log, by drawing to symbolize what they hopped from then to, and writing the number of hops it took next to their drawing.

Give The Bunny Hokey Pokey a try! Where instead of singing the usual Hokey Pokey version you put things such as:
Your bunny ears, bunny nose, bunny paws, cotton tail, and whole bunny bodies in. You do the Bunny Pokey and you hop yourself around. That's what is all about!

You can find a cool science experiment here: https://www.giftofcuriosity.com/easter-peeps-science-experiment/
There are also free bunny shape mats that are available to print.  Those can be found here: https://fun-a-day.com/printable-bunny-shape-mats/

A paper towel roll can be cut in thirds with two sections slightly bent to form a bunny stamp when put together.  The how-to for this clever art experience is at this link: https://www.craftymorning.com/toilet-paper-roll-bunny-stamps/

Although there are many stories that go along well with these furry friends, you can find a read aloud version of  The Tale of Peter Rabbit in the youtube link.



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