Week 3 * Day 5 * Easter

Friday: Sheep

If you have cotton balls at home or even some yarn you can roll into small balls, there are so many entertaining activities you can do by pretending to have these be little sheep today.
  1. Hide the sheep in a few different spots around the room/house and let your child see if they can find all of them.
  2. Put different numbers on containers and see if your child can count the correct number of sheep.
  3. Give your child tongs, tweezers, clothespin, or a spoon and see if they can strategically herd (pick up) the sheep.
  4. Glue some cotton balls onto a paper cup, coffee filter, or plain paper to create their own sheep. If you let them glue cotton balls onto a paper plate with the middle cut out they will have their very own sheep mask!
Shaving cream can also be used as a fun "sheep" sensory.  In the classroom we put unscented shaving cream or white foam paint on the tables and the children can write, draw or just have fun exploring the look and feel of it.
My favorite preschool farm activity: sheep shearing. Great for fall & easy to do.

A sweet little treat are these marshmallow and pretzel sheep. Or a fruity snack of sliced banana and grapes placed to resemble our fluffy friends is also quite cute!
Vejam ideias de pratos com frutas que seu filho vai amar! Pratinhos divertidos como esse são grandes estímulos para a criançada comer melhor!

Sheep snacks for preschool church lesson on the shepherds who came to see baby Jesus.

Read along with Sheep in a Jeep here: https://youtu.be/0jD2Jl84U3g 
Then see if you can rhyme as many words with your child as you can with Sheep!Sheep in a Jeep   -     By: Nancy Shaw


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